We are looking for a highly skilled and energetic person to play a key role in improving and supporting our revolutionary robotic and vision-based systems for agriculture.  You will be joining a world-class research and engineering team to provide critical skills in improving existing systems and pushing the boundaries of this technology.  The role will include work in the following areas:

Act as a primary software developer in our multi-disciplinary environment
Provide the glue between algorithmic development, state-of-the-art computer vision systems, and real-time activities
Develop system architecture and infrastructure for our vision-based thinning and weeding systems
Develop tools and features that enhance the operator experience and technical support activities
Work in project-based teams to explore new opportunities in other crop systems and for alternative applications.
The position will be based at our company headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA, with occasional travel to test out your work in agricultural areas in the Salinas Valley.