Mujin is looking for software engineers to develop the next generation industrial automation robotics solutions that will support the world’s manufacturing and production systems.

All Mujin products are focused around the Mujin Controller, the world’s first commercial cloud-based robot motion planning platform for the industrial market. Just by logging into the Mujin Controller with a browser, users can create complex robot tasks, optimize layouts, and cost reduce their work cells. The controller parallelizes all planning computations and manages a web framework, databases, motion planning algorithms, and real-time control of industrial robots.

Building such an industrial robotics platform involves a plethora of technologies, so Mujin is looking for a broad range of skills to create a solid platform and get a Mujin Controller in every factory.

Your Responsibilities
Work with a small set of talented individuals on a new robotics platform focused on solving real problems with automation. You can work on any of:

- motion planning and control,
- system-level robustness,
- robot system integration,
- process-level and thread-level parallelization,
- machine vision and calibration,
- automated testing and system deployment,
- web frameworks and databases,
- or WebGL powered browser user interfaces.

Minimum Qualifications
- Passion and love for programming and building the most robust systems on the market.
- Knowledge of Python or C++.
- Knowledge of Debian Linux (basic networking, process management, scripting).
- Solid grasp of computer science fundamentals.
- Have contributed and worked on at least one open-source project.

Other Relevant Skills
- Experience working with robotics applications.
- Experience designing and working with complex systems and their internals.
- Experience with parallelizing algorithms to squeeze the last bit of performance on a single system.
- Experience with build and deployment processes and software quality control.

Mujin is the Best Place for Creating Robotics Technologies
- Mujin is based in Japan, which has the most advanced and automated manufacturing in the world.
- Mujin works with the top manufacturing companies and gets constant feedback on how to improve its products.
- Mujin cooperates with the top robot makers in the world and integrates with their systems.
- The Mujin team is focused on solving a single goal: robotics automation; and there’s no doubt on the roadmap to achieve that.
- Mujin is still a small company, so everyone’s opinions are critical for moving forward with product development.

- Equity in a rapidly growing startup.
- National health insurance.
- Work in Tokyo and eat the best sushi money can buy!

About Mujin

Mujin's mission is to automate robots with software systems to increase worldwide manufacturing productivity. In order to achieve this, Mujin has created a platform called the Mujin Controller that all its automation products are based on; it supports most robots on the market, can optimize offline motions for complex constraints, and fully integrate into a complex real-time system with machine vision and PLCs. Mujin is aiming to create the best robot motion planning controller in the market and revolutionize commercial turn-key applications that require a high level of automation.

Mujin was co-founded in 2011 by Issei Takino, a manufacturing business expert, and Rosen Diankov, a roboticist and developer of the open-source motion planning framework OpenRAVE. The decision to base Mujin in Japan has given them a huge advantage to work with the best and most rigorous manufacturing companies in the world.

Mujin products are already selling and as a result, Mujin is rapidly growing and looking for extremely motivated engineers that want to make an impact in the robotics industry together.